Kapitän Biopunk : Micro Satellite Incubator


Kapitän Biopunk : Micro Satellite Incubator, 2011 | Sound Installation


Project continuation from a collaborative lecture i did in 2008, “How Colony Shaped”.  To determine the growth of the colony, i build the first Micro-Satellite Incubator (simulation prototype) : this piece consists of motor and capacitive sensor. The motor will rotate periodically, and the capacitive sensor will act as an antenna to receive data then articulate the data in the form of sound. The rotation of the medium is to answer whether it affects the shape of colony or not, it’s an adaptation of earth revolving around the sun, and examine the effect for organism living in it thus create colony. The sound creates an atmospheric sense to what’s grow inside as a byproduct of it’s life as a colony. Is the revolution affecting how colony shaped? What is the role of the sound as a set of information in colony making?

The purposes of this devices is to simulate and determine it, and to describe how dependent a colony to a certain medium to fit. The detection and sensing the growth of the colony inside the medium by outputting the sound as the parameter to analyse the growth of its revolution.


HackteriaLab2011, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, 2011