Akustikologi 2

Akustikologi, a platform for artist, designers, hackers, makers, musicians, scientists, and the whatevers, working on acoustics technology and related issues. Since 2014.


Akustikologi is a music project that provides a collaborative platform for artists, musicians, scientists and hackers to arrange and improvise musical compositions according to each own disciplines. This project challenges the participants to not use any kinds of electronic amplifiers for a collaborative compositions in order to recall our hearing sensitivity —as we are mechanosensitive beings— amidst our noise-polluted environment.

Noise pollution, is the changes of the structure (compositions) of our environment due to excessive noise, affecting the life quality of living beings surround it. Sound pollution can be caused by natural phenomena or human activity. Rapid technology development and the population growth is instantly making noise pollution is generated by human daily activity. Indirectly, sound pollution can affecting physical and psychological health of us humans, such as sleep disturbance, stress, hypertension, and hearing loss. The last symptoms defined as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

NIHL commonly happened due to damaged or death of the hair cells on the basilar membrane (the base for the sensory cells of hearing). Unlike bird and amphibian, damage or death of these hair cells is permanent in mammals (humans included). Until now, there are no technology that can regrow these hair cells. For that, the only way to keep our hearing sensitivity is to recognize the sounds around us and know its power limit.


HackteriaLab2014, Rehearsal, Bumi Pemuda Rahayu, Jogja, 2014


Hurdi Gurdi Grade, Collaborative Installation, LAF, Jogja, 2014