Tolerating the intolerance

Tolerating the Intolerance (2018)

The whirring sound is constantly there due to the movement of the roof ventilator dome. The next thing you will hear is an intermittently disrupting sound. It is a feedback of the microphone since it is installed across the megaphone. This is an act of the echo chamber. The mic operates as a tool that deliver sound, meanwhile the megaphone accepts and amplifies the sound. Other than its movement itself, there are no other source of sound. In other words, the roof ventilator dome in the middle is speaking and listening to itself.

One thing for sure, architecturally, the dome functions as ventilator. It circulates air for the interior of the building in which it is attached to. In other words, the dome is an architectural device for tolerance for the environment of the building that it is attached. The failure of both the speaker and the megaphone, hence its echo chamber reaction, is a constant reminder of any form intolerances that may surprise us.